Tax Resolution and Audit Assistance

If you have any problems with your tax returns, past or present with the IRS or any State Taxing agency, don't worry, let us help. It doesn't matter if you used us to prepare your returns or not. We can provide you with answers and what to expect versus the uncertainty and stress of doing it alone. We offer free consultation informing you of your options, and can explain what that IRS/Agency correspondence really means. If additional tax work or amending is needed we can provide an estimate to correct matters.

When Arkansas Select Tax Service prepares your return, we provide audit assistance FREE of charge. Further we can accompany you to an audit to answer questions concerning the preparation of your return, but not as your legal representative.

Each of our tax professionals are continuously trained in the latest tax laws. We have special preparers available year round at our Main Office trained in handling IRS debts, audits, correspondence and related issues, including but not limited to:

Tax Resolution

Audit Assistance

Late or Prior year tax returns never filed

IRS Fresh Start Initiative

Back Taxes, Interest and Penalties

Offer in Compromise

IRS Correspondence


IRS Settlements

State Income Tax problems & Issues

How to avoid mistakes handling your own audit:

Always take IRS correspondences seriously

Do not delay your response

Be sure and answer all the issues addressed in your letter

Signing anything without professional tax consultation